Intro Electric Guitar

Jacue is a lizard
In the corner of de cage, yah
She don’t eat no food
On a hunger strike
Crickets on her head yuh, brap!

Sleep all day
Awake at night, yah…
Go to the late-night happy hour

Get the 2-4-1s, yah
Jacue is a lizard
Who is from the island
With crests on her head, yah
She’s still got her tail
Yet You can never find her!
Cause she’s always hiding
Is she anti-social?
So many questions
Don’t have no answers about what the hell is going on yah, brahp!

1 bar no lyrics

Jacue is a lizard, she’s a lizard (X2)

Just a lizard
Is a lizard…

Musical Interlude 1 line

Verse repeat from “2-4-1s”


Musical Interlude

Chorus (X2) 12 lines