Pulling Petals Music Video

Pulling Petals Music Video

Alternative Country (Alt Country Song) about a lonesome classic country man singing about the beautiful girl of his dreams. Video sequence goes alternates between the cowboy sitting in the bathtub while fully dressed, plucking the petals from a rose as in saying “she loves me, she loves me not” while daydreaming about what the hot female Tattoo model might be doing at that very moment and whether she feels the same about him.

Pulling Petals Lyrics:
I walked alone, for so very long
A long lonely road until I found you
If only you knew the way I now feel about you
All I wanted was, to put into these words

Before this I was biding my time
Treading water, waiting for someone I never knew

Just take my hand and I will show you who I am
Now that I’ve, now that I’ve found you
Blinded by truth and disguised by fate
The only way can be, that with you

I felt like I was drowning in crimson waters (2x)

With petals all around me my emotions ran through
But I’m comforted by, the resolve of you

Because I will never be alone so long as I’m with You
No I will never be alone again so long as I’m with You/p>

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