Pulling Petals

Pulling Petals

Verse 1
I walked alone, for so very long
A long lonely road until I found you
If only you knew the way I now feel about you
All I wanted was, to put into these words.

Chorus 1
Before this I was biding my time
Treading water, waiting for someone I never knew.
Female: ooo, ooo, ooo…

Verse 2
Just take my hand and I will show you who I am
Now that I’ve, now that I’ve found you
Blinded by truth and disguised by fate
The only way can be, that with you

Chorus 2
I felt like I was drowning in crimson waters (2x)

Bridge with viola and guitar solo

Verse 3
With petals all around me my emotions ran through
But I’m comforted by, the resolve of you

Chorus 3 / Outro
Because I will never be alone so long as I’m with You
No I will never be alone again so long as I’m with You