Toward Tomorrow

Toward Tomorrow

Intro 4 lines with Female Oos

Verse 1
I’ve been searching for you, my whole life
And now that I found you, I’ll never let go!

I’ve searched a thousand miles, through in-surmountable trials
And I’d search a thousand more, just to see your smile

(***Just to see your smile), (***Just to see your smile)

Verse 2
I’ve traveled around the globe, I combed high and low
From place to place, Just to see your face

And all this time, You were right in front of me
All I had to do was, Open my eyes

Who would have known, Never imaged
That all this time, I could have spent with you

Verse 3
And now that I found you, I’ll never let go
I just hope I’m not too early, Or that I’m not too late

Because I’m hopeful, That we found one-another
For a reason, So, I’ll leave it up to fate

Musical Interlude

Repeat from Verse 2 (I’ve traveled…)

Guitar solo

Repeat Verse 3 with solo