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Obscurley band
Obscurley band

Obscurley (adverb) is defined as in a way that is difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify or in a deliberately enigmatic manner. Obscurley is a Pacific-Northwest based indie-alternative musical group established in Portland, Oregon in 2019. Their genre cannot be narrowed down to one select style, but rather ranges from Rock and Blues to Reggae / Ska Punk; from Classic Hip-hop to Country and Folk; to Electronica. Thus, the name Obscurley.


The Music Genome Project describes Obscurley’s music as:

  • Basic rock song structures
  • Subtle use of vocal harmony
  • Mild rhythmic syncopation
  • Call and response songwriting


Members of the group include (1) C+C – vocals, rhythm guitar, drums, piano, and bass; (2) Sultry Samurai – keyboard and vocals, and (3) Tyler McGrath (TM) – lead guitar. C+C and Sultry Samurai have intentionally kept their identities hidden on stage and off as part of the stratagem behind the group’s theme.

Debuting with a Live Album entitled, “Potcake Parliament,” distributed in February 2020 by Record Union, the group’s song “Bay Street,” landed on ReverbNation’s Top 10 hip-hop charts for the United States the following month in March. The song was performed along with Vanilla Ice at Honey in Delray Beach, Florida, on February 8th as part of a charity benefit concert for injured rescue dogs called, Barks Babes & Bros. Opening up for Obscurley was Billboard’s Number 1 EDM Recording Artist Kendra Erika who C+C performed his Electronica song entitled “Ace SPCA” with. The group pledged to donate all proceeds from the album to dogs displaced and rescued from the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian and presented a check for $1,000 to Peggy Adams in South Florida that evening after the concert. Following the performance, Ben Crandell of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote the following about the act, “One of the coolest upcoming hiphop artists with an old-school feel we’ve heard since Eminum.”


On March 5, Last.fm premiered the music video for the song “Marchosias”, featuring C+C and Sultry Samurai, although their identities remained hidden in the video. The music video was directed by legendary Hollywood Director Dean Israelite and produced by Jason Xenopoulos, both cousins of C+C from South Africa according to IMDB.


On July 7th C+C performed solo via live-stream video for Play for Prop 2.0 to benefit Propaganda in Lake Worth, Florida along with Ben Childs from Sonic Boom Six (SB6), Joey Calderaio, and Sierra Lane.


Following the cancellation of Kaaboo San Diego in September due to COVID-19, where the group was slated to open up for fellow South African Dave Matthews, they instead performed at another charity benefit concert for rescue dogs on August 2nd called Music and Mutts benefiting Salty Dog Paddle. The concert was Livestream Broadcast on Facebook and featured on the homepage of Jambase.com.


In September, the group was one of ten recording artists chosen by Innerstate Record’s Unsigned Act Recording Contest and is in the process of recording their first Studio Album entitled “Elephant in a Porcelain Store,” which is set to be released by 2021.

Obscurley Band
Obscurley Band
Wardrobe for Obscurley is provided by Salt Kured and Koloa Surf.

What is a Potcake Parliament?


A Potcake is a mixed-breed type of dog that can be found on islands in The Caribbean. More specifically, in The Bahamas or Turks & Caicos Islands. The name is a term of endearment, and comes from the word “potcake,” which is what Bahamians call the leftover rice mixture often stuck in the bottom of the family cooking pot. After a meal, Islanders traditionally place the remains from the cooking pot outside as a way to feed the stray dogs. Thus, the dogs became known as “Potcakes.” A group of potcakes is known as a parliament.

Obscurley band
Obscurley band

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