Obscurley band
Obscurley band

Obscurley (adverb) is defined as in a way that is difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify or in a deliberately enigmatic manner. Obscurley is a Pacific-Northwest-based indie-alternative musical group established in Portland, Oregon in 2019. Their style cannot be narrowed down to one select type, but rather includes several different genres of music, which will be evidenced in their first full studio album entitled “Lost Circus” which you can listen to below for free!

We coined the term “Obscurley” out of our use of poor English in 2019 when we came up with the idea for the group. It’s spelled “L-E-Y” like Bob Marley, but not Obscurely – that’s just wrong. We think of it like this. Have you ever flipped through the radio stations or play-lists on Spotify simply looking for some good songs that don’t all sound the same? Why does every new band’s songs all sound the same? We came up with the idea for Obscurley to be a combination of good, fun music. It’s as simple as that. Since we started writing music our friends had always described our music as avant garde and obscurley put together. We looked up both words. Turned out Avant-garde was a real word but Obscurley wasn’t. Now it is…

Obscurely Band
Wardrobe for Obscurley is provided by Salt Kured and Koloa Surf.

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