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Plastic Army (Live)
This is probably my favorite song overall as a big fan of 90s alternative. The instrumental sets the pace, tone and mood. Very nice music structure the singer voice is really nice and deep and the lyrics and love the call and response structure.” – ReverbNation March 12th, 2020

Bay Street
“The intro hooks me immediately. I feel like I’m watching a morning rap video stream in the 90’s during the summer on MTV. This song captures such an old school low-resolution time in music and culture. Love it reminds me of a lower grade Beastie Boys, but still enjoyable. The vocals are pretty cool too. It’s got me wanting to check out more from the artist and show it to my friends too.”
-ReverbNation March 12th, 2020

“I really enjoyed this song. I thou“I really enjoyed this song. I thought they were worth seeking out again. I really loved the electronica feel of the beat and how it was blended with the rap lyrics to create a unique sound that isn’t heard very much from rappers.” -ReverbNation March 12th, 2020

Global Warming (Live)
“This vocalist has a fantastic voice and reminds me of some of the voice that sang the old westerns before my time. The music is great and the lyrics original even though I’m not a big fan of the global warming theory.”
-ReverbNation March 10th, 2020

Bay Street Remix
The lyrics are super catchy on in this song. They get into your head and you want to keep listening to the song on repeat. That’s when you know you have a hit!”
-ReverbNation March 10th, 2020

Pulling Petals (Live)
“I’m pretty sure this is the same artist as the pseudonym – Orville Peck. They both released albums at the same time and they both live in the Pacific Northwest / Boarder of Canada. Maybe a side project during corona?”
-ReverbNation April 1st, 2020