About Obscurley AKA Obscurely Music

Obscurely Band
Obscurely Band

Obscurley, not to be confused with Obscurely, (adverb) is defined as in a way that is difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify or in a deliberately enigmatic manner. The group combines South African-born singer and guitarist, Clint Warren’s Reggae-inspired highly rhythmic beats with Michigan rapper Samantha Lee’s harmonic vocals. Prior to Obscurley, the two singers Warren and Lee were part of a South-Florida-based Indie Dance duo called Stellar Icaria, influenced by a wide range of genres including R&B/Soul, Funk, and Electro-Pop or New Wave music.

The group is currently the Number 1 rated Ska act in Oregon according to ReverbNation and has received two acclaims from the Grammy Awards. The MusiCares Foundation awarded the group with a recording sponsorship in 2020 the group was a semi-finalist for the 2021 Opening Act Contest.

Since the Group’s first studio release with Innerstate, they have collaborated with artists like Backman, Dominic DeLaney, Andii Styron, and Angelic Noise.

Ben Crandell from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel described the act as, “One of the coolest upcoming hip-hop artists with an old-school feel we’ve heard since Eminem.”