Potcake Parliament

Potcake Parliament is the First Live Studio Album from the recording artist Obscurley released in 2020.

A Potcake is a mixed-breed type of dog that can be found on islands in The Caribbean. More specifically, in The Bahamas or Turks & Caicos Islands. The name is a term of endearment, and comes from the word “potcake,” which is what Bahamians call the leftover rice mixture often stuck in the bottom of the family cooking pot. After a meal, Islanders traditionally place the remains from the cooking pot outside as a way to feed the stray dogs. Thus, the dogs became known as “Potcakes.” A group of potcakes is known as a parliament.

In resemblance of the duet’s name, the title track and album cover features a purple elephant in a porcelain store. The idiom, Elephant in a Porcelain Store, originates in Scandinavian Countries and is the equivalent of a “Bull in a China Shop,” in America, which is known to mean careless or clumsy. The elephant in this album and song; however, is purple to give it a hidden meaning about stereotyping and discrimination.

In keeping with the mission of the duet in giving back to rescue dogs, any proceeds from the tracks below will be donated to potcake dogs saved from the Caribbean.

Potcake Parliament

Listen to the album for free

  1. Plastic Army Demo 3:30 PLAY >>
  2. Elephant in a Porcelain Store (Bull in a China Shop) Demo 3:00 PLAY >>
  3. Bay Street Demo 2:24 PLAY >>
  4. Ace SPCA Demo 3:31 PLAY >>
  5. Global Warming Demo 3:28 PLAY >>
  6. Bay Street Remix 2:30 PLAY >>
  7. Marchosias (Live) 2:51 PLAY >>
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